Haroon Qureshi in The London News due to “Fraud Complaints Over Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme”

Haroon Qureshi who had now gone on to promote his latest scheme, Launchdroid is in the London News because his last scheme called the “Leverage Program” that was done under his “Muslim Entrepreneur Network” failed to live up to its hype and promises.

Read the articles here:

Part One (click here): Fraud complaints over get-rich-quick scheme that based itself at east London mosque): 

Part Two (click here): Muslim Entrepreneur Network investors speak out as co-founders clash over alleged fraud

“A global “investment” scheme that targeted the Muslim community over two years has left some people claiming to be thousands of pounds out of pocket.”

Haroon Qureshi guaranteed those who bought into his pitch that he would personally give them £1000 if the business wasn’t successful.  However till today, hundreds of leverage members are still waiting.

Some of the comments in the article by https://www.newhamrecorder.co.uk/:

“One investor, who put in £10,000, said he believed: “They were marketing a product that either didn’t exist or hasn’t come to fruition.”

“Allah chose for you to be here. There were literally hundreds of thousands of people who had the opportunity to be on this webinar today. Allah chose you.”  – Haroon Qureshi, MEN CEO and Leverage co-organiser

Source: https://www.newhamrecorder.co.uk/east-london-residents-pay-into-muslim-entrepreneur-network-scheme-1-5894285

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