Harun Rashid & Ridwan Mahmood’s Ecom Empire’s Academy – a user’s critical review

This is a review submitted by Aasif Zia on Course Reviews, which we copied and pasted on Muslim Reviews for our readers. Harun Rashid is a co-founder of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network who promoted his Ecom Empires Academy prior to the Leverage programme.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I always had a dream to run my own business and get out of the 9-5 corporate life and live financial free life.

One day I saw Harun Rashid and Ridwan Mahmood video on Facebook where they were promoting their Private Label course. They are saying PL (Private Label) course is for everyone, even those with no experience of any business whatsoever, which attracted me. I thought to myself: “these are Muslim brothers and claiming that they have trained and helped many other brothers and sisters businesses.”

Therefore, without much second thought, I decided to spend 2k USD on their PL course and considered myself lucky to be part of a group that wanted to help me run your own business.

Anyway, got admission and patiently waited for the first day of the class. The day started late because of technical issues. In fact, the first session started a week after being sent the course content information.

There was one course I remember “Earn Fast 10K with Dropshipping” I thought: “wow, I would be able to earn my first 10k in a month or 2 and quit my job!” But then I thought: “why are we doing Dropshipping (DS) course when the course content mentions Private Labels”.

I asked this question in MEN’s private group, and was told that they want me to earn my first 10k from DS. So, this is what happened. Me and everyone in their group, around 400 people, started learning about Dropshipping!

The “Earn Fast 10k with Dropshipping” session was taught in less than 1 hour by a guy named “Ridwan”. Really? In less than an hour? I found this funny!

Basically, we were told in a pre-recorded video that we should buy Shopify membership, look at products from Alibaba, import in your online store, and start Facebook ads. (Looks easy isn’t phewwww 10K!).

MEN team took this DS course to another level. We found ourselves chasing our first 10K as marketed to us by MEN.

Meanwhile there were loads of questions about this DS course they failed to inform us about. We used to have a weekly live session with Ridwan. Some sessions got cancelled because MEN team had their own workshop on that day. Seriously?! We waited all week for these sessions and then it gets cancelled because these guys had your own workshop on that day? This is very poor planning.

Then I started asking questions about DS on their private Facebook group. Such as: “why are we taught DS when the course content was supposed to be about PL?” My question got removed many times. I tried to reach out to Ridwan and Harun, but no responses from them. However, I only got some responses after a month or so.


1. Ridwan made his own software for DS, which he apparently allowed MEN free access for a year. Why I say this is funny? I suspect it was only a “beta version”. There were many issues with the software and we are using his product to find errors for him, and he was fixing it in the process. Ridwan used this course to fix his own product.

2. MEN hired a guy named “Farhan Shah”. This guy used the people already signed up to the eCom course to market his own services. He would privately message us on Facebook messenger about his 300$ Shopify store.

3. Also, a guy named “Haroon Siddique” promoted his own course and sent us emails about enrolling today and getting special discounts for his upcoming courses. Again, using us to freely market their courses.

My messages got removed from MEN Facebook group many times. Harun Rashid approached me and said that BECAUSE OF ME OTHERS ARE LOSING HOPE!

I can tell you for sure, I was part of a group of people from this course. It was not because of my questions that people were losing hope. I was because of their claims and the quality of their courses.

The 2k USD we spent, we only learned about DS, which could be found for much cheaper online, and better quality.

InshAllah, if not in this world but in the Hereafter, the people behind the Muslim Entrepreneur Network, specially Harun and Ridwan will have to justify their income, especially the ones they earned from us.

I feel terrible that there are people out to take advantage of the Muslim Ummah in the name of religion.

May Allah SWT give us Hadayah. Ameen.

Aasif Zia

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