Harun Rashid quits the Muslim Entrepreneur Network just as his ‘100 million dollar app’ Empty Trip is exposed to be full of empty promises

Unsurprising to those who’ve seen it all before, it looks like the ship built by Harun Rashid, Haroon Qureshi, Rocky Mirza, Com Mirza, and Arif Miza, is slowly beginning to sink before our very eyes.

As MEN finds themselves in a pickle, Harun Rashid decides to jump ship (or was he pushed…?) before it sinks.

It transpires that Harun Rashid, among the five supremos of the Muslim Entrepreneur Network, has decided to throw in the towel – and walk away from the mess, trauma and disaster wreaked on the lives of vulnerable and unassuming Muslims.

Screenshot: Harun Rashid posted on both Facebook accounts about his decision to leave.

On the 6th of November 2018, Harun posted a couple of messages on Facebook informing the public that he is no longer part of Leverage, MEN or acting as CEO of Empty Trip. The whole lot.

Harun’s decision to call it quits comes at a critical time for MEN, when the public, nay – the world! – were eagerly expecting the official launch of the ‘100 million dollar’ Empty Trip app.

So why is Harun Rashid leaving now just when it’s about to kick off with the Empty Trip app?

Already, having missed their own launch dates, thrice – and by many months – their deafening silence as of late serves as a premonition for the current dismal situation.

Empty Trip’s multiple personality disorder

Let’s remember that it was only 5 months ago that Harun Rashid presented a snazzy and much-lauded pitch to the panel at Richard Branson’s Voom 2018, boasting that Empty Trip is to revolutionise the travel industry and take over the world.

Here’s his ‘big news’ post made on 1st of May 2018:

Empty Trip’s complete u-turn from the ecstatic, almost euphoric, buzz during the Voom pitch, to its current dire mood may come as a serious concern to committed Leverage members who’ve invested time, money, and hopes in Harun Rashid & Co.

If Empty Trip’s incessant delays and lack of updates from management hadn’t spooked people off, Harun Rashid’s sudden departure may surely solidify their sentiments, not just for Empty Trip itself, but for the entire organisation of MEN.

At Muslim Reviews, we asked many questions during the last webinar update, most notably: why wasn’t the CEO, Harun Rashid, present at the webinar and why was there little, if any, mention of Empty Trip? Especially, since during Harun’s previous appearance, he was happy to wear that ridiculously looking wig and talk up the business prospects. Not to mention the Voom pitch a short four months prior to it.

We heard the alarm bells yet again, and smelled the stench of betrayal.

Is Harry a victim in all of this?

Who knows, perhaps Empty Trip may eventually launch in the near future, but with ‘call-me-Harry’ quitting the organisation so abruptly, the prospect of this happening has also left the building, especially as his involvement in the business was so intimate. Harun Rashid was literally the face of the entire company who did most of the leg work with respect to meeting cab companies and promoting it to the public.

Does Harry think his departure would absolve him from his years of direct involvement at the top? Read a comment posted under Harun’s post that may capture the feelings of many people:

People are understandably angry. We are hearing of personal stories on a daily basis from people who feel they’ve been misled by MEN, who have very little recourse available to them.

Harry’s waiting game

It is inevitable that Harun Rashid will attempt at some kind of public relations and damage control in the coming weeks and months. If this happens, he may try to portray himself as a victim who lost money and time, just like the rest of the Leverage folks, and that he was bound by Confidentiality Agreements to keep silent.

Yet, we are reminded that fraud, mis-selling, and misrepresenting services are not covered by Confidentiality Laws, and nothing stopped him from exposing any potential criminal behaviour that he likely had witnessed.

If Harun believes that by creating a narrative of personal victimhood he could excuse himself from his involvement at MEN, then he is mistaken.

According to reports, we are learning that Harun may have ‘lost over $250,000’ by teaming with MEN and that he is preparing to publicly make clarifications about his time with Rocky, and that he waits for the right moment to do so.

Whether Harun makes any further public pronouncements or not, many feel that he was simply too involved at MEN to make excuses for himself and that he is fully culpable.

Leverage members still waiting for refunds

It is disappointing that Harun Rashid decides to leave the Muslim Entrepreneur Network and not work within the organisation to clear the backlog of refunds that remain outstanding.

There are dozens of people who’ve been waiting months to receive the refunds without success. People with serious medical problems and tragic family circumstances were left struggling to pay rents and clear medical bills because much of their money was being withheld by MEN. These vulnerable Leverage members needed their money refunded to survive the difficulties they faced in the lives.

Many people have now decided to publicly call out the founders on their promises to refund their money back.

Let’s remind ourselves of how MEN so casually promised members their refund:

One of the main reasons why the Muslim community trusted MEN with their money was the oft-repeated promise of refunding people if after one year no money had been made or their promises were not fulfilled.

Well, people have asked for their money back, and too many people are waiting far too long.

Leverage members are left to take drastic action

Many members have become so panicked, they have even decided to contact Ashfaq Siddique, the chairman of Barking Mosque in London. Ashfaq Siddique, if you remember, was the person who MEN brought in to promote the ‘debt-free initiative’ to mosques across the UK, which was eventually thwarted by the timely intervention by prominent Islamic Imam, Shaykh Hasan Ali, after he highlighted concerned raised by Muslims Reviews, Alhamdulillah.

Ashfaq had been remarkably successful at speeding up the refund process for those who contacted him directly, which begs the question: why are MEN dragging their feet when it comes to refunding people who used their official online route?

We understand that some Leverage members are organising themselves to march against the co-founders at their places of work to demand that their money be paid back immediately. This is the level of anger that is currently being felt by Leverage members, who all feel deceived and taken advantage of by people they trusted.

If Harun Rashid sincerely wants to clear his name and make amends with the Muslim community, he must support every Leverage member’s effort to retrieve back their money plus the $1000 gift promised to those in L300.

This may be the only way Harun Rashid may begin the process of redeeming himself.

More people jump the sinking ship

As news of Harun Rashid leaving breaks out, more people are publicly distancing themselves from key individuals within MEN. Here is Arun Saraswat, a once-close business parter of Com Mirza:

Mosques and charities saved from MEN’s blunder

Let us remind ourselves that it was MEn’s firm plan to get mosques and charities involved in the Empty Trip app and possibly other projects, promising them being large sums of money in return for £25,000 each. Much effort was put in the promotion of this idea of being ‘debt-free’, it included Harun Rashid methodically giving a run-down of the way existing donations work and how MEN can transform this ‘inefficient’ structure to one that enables them never having to rely on individual donations again.

One must admit, these were wild promises. How were they ever going to achieve this? Their plan was Empty Trip, and possibly crypto-currencies.

Now that Empty Trip is near enough dead in the water, our Islamic organisations would have found themselves in trouble in front of their congregation. Many heads would have rolled due to this massive error in judgement for their committee or management in charge of finances.

Harun would have been responsible for this disaster.

Vindication for Muslim Reviews

It appears that a growing number of Leverage members are turning against MEN, having realised that they fell for the marketing of Harun, Haroon, Rocky and Com. The slogan ‘WeAreOne’ has turned sour and now used in jest, and many have apologised to Mustafa Patel for having doubted his words – some even admitting to not saying nice things about him.

As people realise the truth, Alhamdulillah, Muslim Reviews feels a sense of vindication. One just needs to read the negative comments people posted on Muslim Reviews’ Facebook Reviews feature to get a sense of how people felt when Muslim Reviews began exposing the Muslim Entrepreneur Network earlier this year.


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