Adam Ali Interviews ‘Mr X’ on Haroon Qureshi’s 10 Accusations

Watch Mustafa Patel’s interview response to Haroon Qureshi’s 10 accusations made in March 2018.

Haroon Qureshi made 10 claims against Mr X in March 2018, including owing money to MEN and damaging over £100K of business.

  السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

This is our long-awaited rebuttal where Mr X addresses every accusation made against him by Haroon Qureshi.

In this video, you will see how Haroon and MEN wilfully misled you in their attempt to mischaracterise and discredit Mr X. You will see how instead of answering the questions people have presented, Haroon and MEN chose to distract you by spreading confusion and lies.

Muslim Reviews would like to thank Adam Ali for conducting this interview. If you are interested in learning more about online entrepreneurship courses, please join Adam’s Facebook group: Course Reviews.

[0:15] Adam gives a backstory for the interview

[2:25] Adam introduces Mr X

[4:15] About Mr X

[5:40] Accusation #1 | ‘Under-delivered so cancelled agreement in a fair and respectful way’
• Is it Mr X’s fault that customers keep asking for refunds or is the product being marketed simply sub-standard?

[30:45] Accusation #2 | ‘He has approximately £400k of our money’
• Why did Haroon not want to disclose the accounts to Mr X?
• Can you trust Haroon to be honest after blatant misrepresentation of the facts?

[58:43] Accusation #3 | ‘Damage to over £100k+ worth of business’
• Was there any damage done at all?
• Why did Haroon wilfully deceive the public?

[1:04:14] Accusation #4 | ‘Blackmail message from Mr Y’
• It is blackmail or Mr Y simply urged a co-founder to help him?
• Why did Haroon refuse to help Mr Y?
• Does it not bother Haroon that Com Mirza defrauded an ex-business partner, especially in a business that Haroon markets to his own customers?
• Does Haroon stand to lose out financially if the truth about Com’s neferious activities come to light? Is this why he remains silent about it?

[1:09:21] Accusation #5 | ‘Mr X started posting on the dispute’
• Why are MEN so afraid to answer questions about their business practices?

[1:13:40] Accusation #6 | ‘Started making posts on us’
• Was Mr X right to help Com’s ex-business partners?

[1:15:34] Accusation #7 | ‘He made threats to us and our staff’
• Are MEN’s level of English comprehension this shallow to not discern actual threats from figurative speech?
• What about MEN’s legal threats to Mustafa?

[1:21:19] Accusation #8 | ‘Attack people who work with us’
• Did Haroon confirm this with the colleague in question before publically misspeaking on the issue?

[1:22:38] Accusation #9 | ‘Attempted to deceive our accountant to obtain information’
• Who is the one deceiving, Mr X or Haroon?

[1:24:03] Accusation #10 | ‘Hacked and stolen our data’
• Did Haroon mislead the public again by calling this a ‘hack’?
• Did Haroon lie when he claimed only two people had access to the data, or is he this incompetent about his own business’ log-in credentials?
• Why is Haroon showing double-standards about the email list?

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