Haroon Qureshi Challenges “Ponzi scheme” Claims

In a video response on March 19, 2018, Mr Qureshi publicly addressed the claims, saying Leverage could not be a ponzi scheme because it was no longer accepting new members. He added: “I will challenge you, find one person that we scammed. One person. You won’t be able to.”

This is was written in Newham Recorder

Here is some of the comments we received:

I am a student of knowledge and am pursuing Islamic education through different avenues. 
One of my very dear friend in Islam, suggested me the idea of investing my money in Leverage. She was a part of L300 and she was given the task to add more members to this group. She was from UAE but her husband was in the UK. They invested 100k  pounds. When she presented me this concept, I was awe-struck and decided to invest all my money in this apparently beautiful project.  Leverage, as a concept was really wonderful and a big hope for all Muslims to be united and work together. So I invested 25k pounds.
We were called for a meeting/gathering at Dubai Mall, where we were promised financial freedom within one year and a lot more.  More than a year has passed and I have no clue where my money is. I have been doing my tasks but never ever got any feedback. I have not received a single penny from Leverage until now. All my hopes are shattered and Leverage has appeared as another black spot on the Muslim community. It’s a shame to make such promises and rob people of their hard earned money and their savings.
I want my 25K pounds back along with the 1000 pounds gift promised as soon as possible. 
I am going through very hard times due to all these false promises. Allah is watching and as Muslims, you should be scared of Him. On top of all this you had mentioned that you were doing this by the blessing of your mother. You have not only robbed the money of people but also emotionally blackmailed us. 
May Allah guide you to the right path. 
Repent while there is still time.”

I’m following up on my recent refund request to add a bit more information. I am fully aware that I requested my refund after the 12 month period (at the beginning of December), so I do not need clarification on that. I cannot be accused of taking advantage of abusing Leverage’s 12 month refund promise by asking for a refund after 12 months, because I have nothing to gain, and would have requested it within 12 months if I had the information I now have. Therefore, I don’t see a valid reason for you to abstain from giving me my money back. I have no product of yours that I can profit off of, that I can repackage and sell or make some personal gain for myself in any other way, so that should be a clue as to how sincere I am.
As someone who decided to invest in Leverage, the fundamental reason why I chose to do so was because of my trust in the founders and Com (who as far as I understand was/is some sort of an associate). I don’t have any trust in Com after his dealings with Jagger Babuin, Kevin Alexander and Dan Brown regarding ISG, which I recently found out. I did not know this at the time I was paying into Leverage, and would not have done so if I had known this.
I invested on the basis of my trust in HR and his promises, and see that nothing has been done with my money and based on HR’s statement, was used for a ponzi scheme. Since his reputation and promises were one of the main reasons why I decided to invest, that is further reason why it is my right to receive a refund.
During the 12 month period, I was told to trust and have faith, that the correct things were being done with my money, and at the live events (that I watched online), Harun Qureshi repeatedly said that we shouldn’t even worry about a profitable business, that it’s already assumed.
Since I stuck around for a full 12 months on the basis of pure trust and faith with nothing tangible to show for it, I now would like to ask why my trust isn’t being reciprocated? Yes, I asked for my refund a few weeks after the 12 month period, but why is that used as a reason when 1) what was promised wasn’t delivered and 2) surely asking a mere few weeks later on very strong grounds shouldn’t be enough of a reason to refuse a refund when I trusted leverage for an entire 12 months? If you were in my shoe, you would be doing the same thing.
The current content marketing business is almost exactly what was promised to me when I joined Leverage in 2017 regarding the collective nature of how we are all going to profit, therefore, why should I have faith in it?
I’m not going to use the ‘is this how you treat Muslim’s’ line and bring religion into it, but rather just implore you to not be a ‘literalist’ and repeat to me that I requested a refund after 20 October. Please ask yourselves why I did.
All I ask is for my money back and to part ways peacefully. I would also like clarification on my account status.



“Dear Rocky Mirza/ Haroon Quraishi,

I’m part of the leverage 300,I have invested my time and money in leverage have had no returns,
Promise of good profit within one year we’re not delivered.

I no longer have any confidence that you will ever be able to deliver on your promise.
I have been waiting for last six for £200 profit which was promised not received a penny since then,
Even after numerous e mail and not responded.

I also believe that it would only be fair you to compensate me for all the time I invested in to traveling cost ,business account and domain registration.



“Dear Leverage

To whom it may concern,

I was part of the Leverage L300 and on the first webinar while promoting the program a clear promise was made that £1000 will be given on top of the £5000 refund if I decide to leave the program. I stayed till the end and did the task. I spent hundreds of pounds on accommodation, transport and food. At the end none of the promises were delivered, I was lucky to get my money back. However, still waiting for that £1000, which is more than deserved as I did lots of work for Leverage and not get paid for it. This programme also caused lots of frustration, false hopes for financial freedom and waste of money for me and my family. Therefore I am kindly asking for my £1000.”

“Hi Rocky:
I am in L300 member and I would like to get refund which I paid with my credit card.  The reason I would like to get refund is because lots of promises were not fulfilled.  Thanks,”


Seriously, I’m fed up with this situation guys. You are still trying to get money from my bank account even if I’ve advised you about at least one extra payments you took  for January which I’ve asked you to refund. I’had to cancel my credit card so you can’t draw away more money.
now I’m asking you to refund the total amount of £ 2800for the following reasons:

1-You never fulfilled your investment promises.

2-I was misled, missold and scammed and defrauded

3-the timescale you gave is irrelevant since you never delivered on any service.

4-you still trying to misuse my finacial information to take away more money even if the total investment amount was reached

Be sure, if  you don’t respond positively to my email, i will take all the necessary legal actions to get my money back.”


I was part of the leverage programme and joined with a guarantee that if we don’t make our money back in the first year then we will be guaranteed £6k back.

During my time on leverage i had put in countless hours of work and solely managed the Pinterest task with each of the L300 members on a one to one. It took me a whole month to complete this as it was very time consuming. This wasn’t any ordinary month, it was during ramadan where i lost all my time to worship as i was too busy and stuck on this task alone.

The task in the end didn’t go anywhere and was a total loss of my time and effort… as were all the countless tasks we were given to do and articles we were asked to write.

This whole programme was a major flop and full of lies… are are all scams.”

Shahnaz UK

“Asalaamualaykum/Hi All,

It is with great sadness that I find myself in this position. It took me a lot of courage to convince my parents who believed in me and now to know that I have let them down because this whole Leverage program has failed is indescribable, I have had to hang my head in shame in-front of my loved ones and made to look like a fool for believing in this venture.

I worked hard to and hours on end to complete tasks, at times I’d spend a minimum 10/12 hours and even more on a single article, I’d neglect my wife and child because I believed in leverage and I believed that I was going to give them a better life but I failed them, this is something you would never understand and you will never understand the distance that Leverage caused in my marriage.

Over the course of time, the whole dynamic of the business changed, we were given a choice to make a choice and stick with it and, I still believed and carried on.

Nothing really added up and the webinars at times didn’t make sense, all I heard were stories and a way for our emotions to get tapped into time after time after time.

Two years on and what has Leverage achieved? Every time someone asked as to what is happening we would be left in the dark, I mean I was an investor so I should know right? When people asked for fact sheets did we get any? No is the answer.

The contracts we were given didn’t make sense and neither did the shambolic running of the company. Important people like Ehsan, Osman and Harun Rashid left and I wasn’t given any explanation until HR came out with a statement.

After reading that how do you expect me to feel? Still believe in Leverage? This was the final nail in the coffin for me. I requested for a refund in November 2018 and after several emails sent, I finally get one back saying my time has passed so I won’t get one. I’m not a fighting person but that is my right, you all made so many promises but show me one promise you fulfilled?

I messaged Haroon Qureshi and I get no reply, only in the beginning I got a reply saying the team will deal with it and since being told I won’t get a refund I’m left in the dark.

My law I am entitled to a refund because leverage is a Ponzi scheme. I want my refund and I can’t believe I have to beg you for it, I’ve been calm and I will continue to be calm until I receive my £5000 investment back.

Above all you all have scared me for life with the way Leverage has been run, I still pray for you all but as a Muslim you all shouldn’t be making another believe beg for his money.

What answers will you have on the day of Judgement?

Please return my refund, this whole venture has failed and I want my refund. Do the right think and clean your conscience.

I will look forward to your email and Insha’Allah I hope it’s positive.

Mr M S”

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