Haroon Qureshi’s Mentor and Partner Com Mirza Sentenced to Jail

Haroon Qureshi’s mentor and partner Com Mirza labeled as a “Serial Scammer” sentenced to jail for fraud in Dubai.

Haroon Qureshi who has now gone on to launch a company called Launchdroid continues to sell his courses and programs to those looking to for hope.  While having some success as an Amazon seller, he went on to become an affiliate for the Amazing Selling Machine program.  Com Mirza and Haroon worked closely together on Muslim Entrepreneur Network and many other ventures.  Is Haroon next to be investigated?

Read the full article in Gulf News here:


Com Mirza is the brother of “Rocky Mirza” also knows as Rafaqat Mirza who is based in the UK.  Rocky worked very closely with Haroon Qureshi to market the Leverage program.  

We hope that Haroon and Rocky will be next in line for investigation and face justice.


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