Our initial thoughts on Haroon Qureshi’s 10 accusations against ‘Mr X’

This is our initial reaction to Haroon Qureshi’s video posted on 19/03/2018 in response to Muslim Reviews.

Haroon Qureshi posted a video without addressing the concerns raised by Muslim Reviews.

 السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

The Muslim Entrepreneur Network’s Haroon Qureshi posted a public video attempting to dispel the claims made against them, and after 50 minutes of divergence and faux-outrage, not a single concern raised by Muslim Reviews was addressed.

Muslim Reviews is all too accustomed to MEN’s use of half-truths and emotive religious language to market themselves – this video is no different in that regard.

Contrary to Haroon’s statements, Muslim Reviews is not the work of two people. Rather, our team includes lawyers, entrepreneurs, ex-business partners, current and ex-Leverage members, as well as concerned members of the British public.

No doubt, Haroon’s fallacious focus on the personal disputes between MEN and “Mr X” sought to distract people from the myriad of valid concerns raised by people.

In due course, Muslim Reviews will issue an unequivocal rebuttal to Haroon’s latest PR stunt, with Mustafa Patel’s refutation on all the allegations made against him.

A personal win

Whilst Muslim Reviews welcomes MEN’s decision to exclude mosques from the Empty Trip scheme – framing this decision as a “personal win” for Mr X is disrespectful to Shaykh Hasan Ali, who exhaustively argued from the Shari’ah why mosques should be excluded from the Empty Trip scheme.

For Leverage members and the public, Muslim Reviews will summarise the contentions below, so you may decide if we lied, slandered, or were out of line in our approach.

Muslim Reviews raised the following concerns

  1. Rocky claims to be a billionaire without proof
  2. Com claims to be worth 600 million dollars without proof
  3. The Mirzas do not have a single profitable company that justifies their supposed net worth
  4. Rocky is on video claiming to not agree with written contracts
  5. Rocky is on video claiming halal is only for food, not business
  6. Rocky claims to own the largest Seed Fund in Canada without proof
  7. Rocky claims to have invested in Beyond The Rock and Frank & Oak without without proof
  8. Rocky claims to be top 5 domain owner in the word without proof
  9. Rocky’s current businesses are not profitable and registered under his wife’s name
  10. Rocky was involved in dozens of questionable businesses, like iBetx, Weblo, Houser, Unique Auctions and others – all abandoned
  11. Rocky claims to have sold his companies for “millions” without naming these companies to verify his claims
  12. Weblo’s investors lost money and were abandoned in the US; their scathing comments can be read online
  13. Empty Trip is the brainchild of Rocky, but “Empty TRIPS” already exists elsewhere; similar name, concept and logo
  14. Rocky’s previous business Houser used franchises that failed
  15. Rocky’s Fitness franchise also failed using this model
  16. Paradise Papers leaks showed Rafaqat “Rocky” Mirza hid millions off-shore as Weblo’s investors lost money
  17. Vagueness and ambiguity in Leverage programme has caused confusion
  18. Leverage and Empty Trip are two separate entities whilst making Leverage members promote the app
  19. A lack of organisational transparency, such as bank accounts, funds use, membership-stake, company registration
  20. Cryptocurrency launched under Empty Trip brand without whitepaper or active Empty Trip business
  21. $100 million valuation for Empty Trip that is not trading, has no revenue, or granted license by TfL
  22. Life of the Companions (ra) used for marketing; Shaykh Hasan Ali deems it unethical that it was done without balance
  23. Haroon Qureshi on video advising Muslims to sell their cars and family gold to become Leverage members
  24. MEN frequently changed Leverage’s objectives, leading to confusion
  25. MEN do not willingly clarify issues from current Leverage members; evasiveness has almost become policy
  26. Leverage membership was increased using Fitness Franchise, yet the venture has been quietly shelved – new focus is on Empty Trip
  27. Com Mirza embroiled in allegations of misappropriating investors’ funds for Habibi Coin and ISG
  28. Com Mirza refuses to refund Habibi Coin investors, including nearly one million dollars from an ex-business partner
  29. Com Mirza continues to seek investments for Habibi Coin and ISG without a “whitepaper” or other relevant papers
  30. Com Mirza claimed to have fed 30 million people with a handful of people pushing shopping trolleys of food and small team in Pakistan – claims used to heavily promote his business interests, including MEN
  31. Leverage Muslim Entrepreneur is registered in the UAE but not disclosed to members at the time of its promotion in the UK
  32. According to testimonials, Harun Rashid’s eCom Empire Academy under-delivered, whilst charging thousands for its users
  33. Author of article written in Forbes Magazine that praises Com Mirza has regretted his decision and working to take down the article
  34. British Muslim community should be wary of doing business with the Mirzas who have such questionable history in business

Examples of misleading marketing tactics used by MEN

  1. Use of strong religious sentiments to discourage internal debate
  2. Testimonials that give impression of impartiality are actually from family members and business associates
  3. “Guaranteed to build you a profitable business” – and similar promises to gain membership
  4. Use partners’ selfies with celebrities to promote their Fitness Franchise giving false impression of celebrity official endorsement
  5. Use East London Mosque’s images, history and reputation to promote The Unity Initiative without the mosque’s approval
  6. Become “debt-free” slogan used when the app has zero income, not trading, and not approved by TfL
  7. Ashfaq Siddique marketed Empty Trip without disclosing he is a business partner and his mosque is the location of MEN’s office
  8. Haroon claims their business partners have grown businesses “literally to a hundred-million-dollar level” – a reference to Empty Trip
  9. Haroon claims their business was approved for a scholar without disclosing his name – this is not how Shariah works

Shaykh Hasan Ali’s LIVE video on the Muslim Entrepreneur Network

Read Muslim Reviews Official Statement on Shaykh Hasan Ali’s video here

Read Mustafa Patel’s statement on Shaykh Hasan Ali’s video here

To reiterate: Muslim Reviews is producing a detailed rebuttal to every claim made by Haroon Qureshi.

Wassalamu alaikum,
Muslim Reviews Team

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  • I’d just like to add to point G that Empty Trip is now registered to the same address as the mosque according to companies house

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