Mr X: “After Haroon’s response to my interview with Adam Ali, I reiterate the call for scholarly mediation”

The following is Mustafa Patel’s own statement on Haroon’s latest response to the interview with Adam Ali. He counter-argues Haroon’s points and calls for scholarly mediation to resolve outstanding disputes.

Screenshot: Adam Ali’s interviewed Mr X on the 10 accusations made against him by Haroon Qureshi.

Assalamu alaikum,

In my interview with Adam Ali, I responded to every claim by highlighting inaccuracies and how events were twisted. Haroon responded quickly – some might say hastily – to my interview with Adam. I therefore would like to address the key points he made.

Tax & payment

It is amusing getting lectured on accounting procedures from an organisation that refused to disclose their financial details so I could calculate my actual billings. Instead of accusing me of theft, let us meet and resolve the financial dispute. Going around in circles and accusing me of theft is pure opportunism.

Currency exchange

After Haroon’s video, I checked my figures again, and can confirm that the spreadsheet is correct.

Even if values were placed in the opposite fields, or converted between CAD and USD, it does not make up for the massive £150K to £400K discrepancy. As you see below, the exchange rate is negligible to justify the £400K amount they used against me.

US-CAD exchange rates have been relatively stable for the last 3 years.

Therefore, their use of £400K figure serves no other purpose except to maximise the severity in the public’s eye.

Also, bear in mind that Haroon always had access to the shared GDrive spreadsheet, so if any mistakes were made, his finance team could have identified errors in the numbers.

This particular dispute only re-affirms my original point of resolving the financial situation. I demanded proper details so exact calculations could be made, but instead Haroon was almost too eager to write it off – then turn round and accuse me of theft.

One can argue that Haroon’s unwillingness to provide basic financial details is a poor reflection of MEN’s financial disciple for the monies entrusted to them by Muslims.

Facebook ads

MEN did not mention troubleshooting issues to me in the forthcoming weeks and months – and we had a professional working relationship at the time. Haroon claims “Facebook said that you cannot use that anymore” after he attempted to use the recovered ads. As there are clear online guidelines written by Facebook on how to reinstate recovered ads, I remain sceptical Facebook’s technical support were unable to help in this issue.

Haroon point is further weakened when one learns that it is entirely possible to recreate the same ads from the recovered data – i.e. new ads can be created based on the data from the recovered ads. So even if Haroon was unable to reinstate the ads, it could still be recreated in full.

Part of Leverage

I had legitimate questions about MEN’s finances and contacted their accountant to learn more. I provided my name and stated that I was a leverage member – which I was, since MEN granted me this status. Haroon now wants to confuse the public’s eyes by asking if I ‘had done any tasks’ etc. when the real question is: did Haroon grant me Leverage member status or not? The answer is, yes.

Email list

When starting as a marketer for MEN, they had about 10,000 emails, and by the time I left, it grew to over 100,000 emails. I stated this in my video, yet Haroon dismissed it offhand, like he has selective comprehension.

I presented email exchanges that showed Haroon instructing me to target Aaqib’s list, and I made the point that Haroon unethically used Aaqib’s list for his personal gains, so he cannot claim the moral high ground on the email issue. Haroon plainly denied my version of events and gave an alternate story that any sane person would find suspect.

Read Haroon’s words properly and his instructions to me:

Furthermore, whether I had authorisation or not to download the list becomes irrelevant when the reason for doing so was to safeguard the public. I felt it was my moral duty. Even whistle-blowers can leak information online or download private information – and are protected by Law.


Haroon claims that after their decision to exclude mosques from the Empty Trip scheme, I should have ended all criticisms. Whilst mosques were a major motivating factor for me and others in Muslim Reviews, there still remains questions that require public scrutiny.

Moreover, it is Muslim Reviews’ understanding that although Haroon claimed to have excluded mosques from the Empty Trip app, MEN still intend to involve mosques in some capacity, where mosques could eventually pay towards the app – Haroon alluded to his in his original video – and we have a confidential source that corroborates this. Clearly, there is ambiguity, hence the mosque issue remains unresolved.

‘Muslim backbiters’

Muslim Reviews is a recent organisation that began out of public concern for MEN’s action. Whilst Muslim Reviews delves deeper into MEN’s practices over a period of time, it may appear that it solely focuses on MEN.

Haroon suggests we should be called ‘Muslim Backbiters’. I ask you to read the concerns Muslim Reviews raised, and determine if any of the points we raised can be classified as backbiting in the eyes of the Shariah. As Shaykh Hasan Ali has said in this advice to MEN, it is not considered ‘backbiting’ if it is a warning to others.

Until MEN address the questions raised, Muslim Reviews will continue to pile pressure on them.

Mr Y’s past

Haroon repeats Mr Y’s past deeds from 20 years ago to discredit Mr Y’s claim against Com Mirza, something Mr Y is open about and deeply regrets. What is this claim? That Com Mirza defrauded Mr Y and his elderly parents to the tune of about one million US dollars, and that Com Mirza misled Mr Y and others in the Habibi Coin business. Listen to Mr Y confront Com Mirza about his actions.

It is surprising that Haroon keeps on reminding his viewers about Mr Y’s past, when it was Haroon himself that joined forces with Com when Mr Y was Com’s business partner on Habibi Coin at the time. Habibi Coin is a ‘cryptocurrency’ that is currently being offered to Haroon’s customers.

If Mr Y’s past becomes relevant, surely it becomes relevant to discuss the past of Com and Rocky? Such as when Rocky operated a gambling website, his other failed businesses, as well as his claim to being a billionaire – and a whole host of questionable claims?

Fortunately for Haroon, the public may hear more from Mr Y in the near future.

12-month refund policy

Haroon claims their 12-month refund policy means any concern Muslim Reviews have of them becomes invalid and unjustifiable. This attitude is precisely the problem.

Our issue is about mis-selling and misleading the public and using Muslims’ religious sentiments in the manner that they have, especially for Leverage.

Giving members a refund does not entitle Haroon to use unethical practices to gain membership. Muslim Reviews have raised concerns about MEN’s unethical selling practices and listed at least 40 points. MEN have refused to addressed them – and the list continues to grow with every new venture.

In fact, Muslim Reviews is spearheaded by ex-members of MEN who feel Haroon, Harun, Rocky and Com mis-sold their services.

A question to ask is: why would anyone seek a refund if not for being unhappy with MEN’s performance? About 50% of their Leverage 1.0 (L300) members sought refunds. That is a staggeringly high amount.

Having a 12-month refund policy does not absolve any organisation from unscrupulous business practices.

Family involvement

If you remember, it was Haroon that brought up divorce in his 10 accusations video and continued to repeat it on his latest video. My marriage is irrelevant to the litany of questions people have asked about MEN. Haroon’s mention of divorce serves no purpose other than to humiliate me in public.

Nevertheless, Haroon continued to exaggerate – in typical fashion – when he recalled his ‘utter shock’ to the private message I sent him the day he published the 10 accusations video, where I merely mentioned his wife and children.

Let me say this: anyone would be angry to hear that a well-oiled PR apparatus disseminated egregious claims about them. When they publicly accused me of stealing £400,000 and damaging over £100,000 of business, I was dismayed and upset.

I messaged him that day, demanding he publicly corrects the false accusations or I would report him to authorities.

This is the message – and I want you to judge if I had said anything negative about his family, or if my intention was to harm them.

My message clearly states that I do not want to report him – especially because of his wife and kids.

Nevertheless, I was advised by the Muslim Reviews team to not go down this route, but instead do an interview refuting the claims, and this is what we did.

Here are the full exchanges, which Haroon conveniently kept from public light.

The messages were about VAT fraud that Haroon Qureshi may have engaged in when I worked as a marketer for MEN, and I cited this when making my demand.

I have never publically accused Haroon of committing VAT fraud, and this was a private exchange between myself and Haroon. Since Haroon brought this private message up in his video as a talking point, I am making the full exchange public.

For the record, I did not report Haroon to the tax authorities, even after he ignored my messages.

People speaking out

Read this comment by Abe Arabi, who perfectly sums up the feeling of a lot of people:

Read Mohammed Ali’s comment posted on Haroon’s video:

Like the two people above, others are realising the deception.

It is worth mentioning that Muslim Reviews receives weekly emails from individuals who feel cheated by MEN and ask us to assist them in obtaining refunds. This shows the extent of MEN’s dissatisfied customers, which itself counters Haroon’s ‘what have I done?’ self-characterisation of innocence.

Absconding from the issues

Muslim Reviews questioned their business practices and asked valid questions about the founders. I believe by focusing on personal disputes, MEN have essentially absconded from addressing the questions.

Nevertheless, the longer they choose to remain silent on the issues, the louder the call for answers will become, and the greater distrust people will have about the founders and their businesses.

Scholarly mediation

Time and again, I demonstrated my willingness to resolving this to Harun Rashid, Shaykh Abu Abdissalam, Aaqib Ahmed, and even Shaykh Hasan Ali – but MEN have refused to mediate at ever turn.

Moreover, you can see in my last message sent to Haroon, I continued to reiterate my willingness to resolve all outstanding personal disputes.

All personal issues between myself and MEN can be resolved via mediation by a mutually respected Islamic scholar, whose final resolution I will abide.

Wassalamu alaikum,
Mustafa Patel

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