Join the legal fight against Rocky Mirza

Muslim Reviews seeks support from current and ex-Leverage members for its legal defence and encourages them to join a legal evidence building process to trigger a criminal fraud investigation with the City of London police.

Muslim Reviews is involved in two legal fronts against Rocky Mirza. First, is our legal defence against the charge of defamation. Second, is our support for triggering a criminal fraud prosecution against Rocky Mirza and his associates.

For both legal endeavours, Muslim Reviews has already received support from people willing to provide statements, and even testify in court should it come to it. 

We know Muslims and non-Muslims were negatively impacted by Rocky Mirza and his associates, and they may desire to take action.

You can either support our defamation case, join the legal fight against Rocky Mirza – or do both. 

Case 1: Support our defamation case

Muslim Reviews and Course Reviews are potentially being sued by Rocky Mirza for alleged defamation. The more people who come forward to provide statements and act as potential witnesses, the greater chance we have of arguing truth, honest opinion and public interest.

We hope the public can support us as we prepare our legal defence.

Case 2: Join others in building a legal case file

As revealed by Harun Rashid, a businessman invested a 6 figure sum towards Rocky Mirza’s Empty Trip and is now alleging that it was a Ponzi scheme.

Muslim Reviews has seen legal papers where these allegations where made, in that investment monies of Empty Trip – a legal entity in its own right – was used to refund Leverage members, as well as fund operations of non-Empty Trip activities. We have also seen evidence of financial malpractice, including monies being siphoned off overseas.

An evidence based case file is now being prepared with an experienced legal team so it is presented to the City of London Police.

The Empty Trip lead investor is offering his legal team to represent Leverage members to similarly build an evidence-based case file – as he is doing with Empty Trip investors.

We believe this is an opportunity for Leverage members to seek a legal redress for themselves, and we encourage everyone to support the lead Empty Trip investor in this effort.

Working with Harun Rashid

We recognise some will have strong reservations for working with Harun Rashid; we therefore would like to clarify a few points:

  • This case is not led by Harun Rashid but led by victims of Rocky Mirza, i.e. ex and current Leverage members. A lead Leverage member was nominated in a recent meeting to liaise with the barrister and make enquiries on behalf of everyone.
  • This is not Harun Rashid’s personal barrister nor is the barrister acting on his instruction. It is the same barrister used by Lead Empty Trip investor, which means he is familiar with the details.
  • Harun Rashid is not benefiting financially from any legal case, nor is he seeking personal damages.
  • Harun Rashid is acting as a primary witness and will present evidence to authorities should a criminal case get triggered by the barrister.
  • Should a criminal case be triggered against Rocky Mirza, you may claim compensatory damages for using your time, potentially misleading and defrauding you, and causing emotional harm, even if you received a refund.
  • If the window for refunds is closed, it may be possible to claim your money back upon successful prosecution.
  • Any financial contribution made towards the barrister’s legal costs will be put in client account at HGA Solicitors and can be overseen by all stakeholders, including Muslim Reviews.

Muslim Reviews will support you throughout, including organising meetings and relaying relevant information.

WhatsApp group

Ex and current Leverage members who want join the legal evidence gathering process, upon completion of the form, will be asked by Muslim Reviews to join the closed Legal Action WhatsApp group.

The group will provide important updates about the legal case work, as well as details of upcoming meetings.

How to support both causes

To support our legal defence and join the lead Empty Trip investor in bringing forward a criminal investigation, simply allow your statement to be used for both purposes.

Your statement is vital. You may not be required to attend court since the barrister is currently gathering evidence – unless it becomes necessary in a future criminal investigation.

The form below gives the option to either supporting our legal defence for alleged defamation, joining the evidence gathering against Rocky Mirza to trigger a criminal investigation, or both.

If you have any questions or need clarification, please get in touch.

Statement Form

1) Using your statement

Information provided will never be shared with third parties or used for marketing purposes. The information provided may be used for either supporting our defamation defence and/or for the legal evidence gathering process.

How do you want your statement used?*

Select only one:

ONLY support Muslim Reviews and Course Reviews defence against alleged defamationONLY be part of building a legal case file to trigger criminal investigation against Rocky MirzaBOTH defence of alleged defamation and be part of building a legal case file to trigger criminal investigation against Rocky Mirza

2) Action Fraud

If you made a report to Action Fraud, please provide your Action Fraud Reference Number

Although optional, we strongly advice reporting to Action Fraud and obtaining a reference number for this form. Visit:

3) Personal information

Full Name*


Mobile number*

Got a different number for WhatsApp?

We encourage you to join the "Legal Action" WhatsApp group so you are kept informed about the progress. Should we add you to the group?*
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How were you involved with MEN / Rocky Mirza?
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Did you transfer money? If so, how much in total?

4) For Leverage members

Which Leverage member are / were you?

Roughly, when did you join Leverage?

Your current refund status
Received full refundReceived partial refundReceive no refundDid not request a refund yetRequested refund after the official refund window

5) Supporting statement

• Be accurate and detailed
• Write directly or upload your statement
• Mention what you were promised and was it delivered
• If Rocky Mirza misled you, how did this happen?
• Were you affected financially and emotionally?
• State anything you think is relevant

Write you statement

Or upload your statement

6) Upload supporting documents

Provide any documents or screenshots of communications which might support your statement. Got more? send to

7) Submit your statement

You acknowledge that:

• You read this page and understand the purposes of your statement
• This statement is provided voluntarily and can be revoked at any time by emailing Muslim Reviews at

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