MEN Statement: Rocky and Haroon criticise desperate Leverage members for contacting Al Madina Mosque Barking for their refunds

On the 14th of November 2018, MEN decided to release a statement on the issue of refunds and the direct action many Leverage members took in order to expedite the refund process. Below is copy and paste of that email.


Following recent developments regarding the Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) / Leverage Programme, in particular, the unfortunate and unwarranted targeting of Al-Madina Masjid Barking by individuals seeking to wrongly use the mosque as a medium through which to exert pressure on members of the MEN / Leverage management team, the MEN / Leverage management has decided to issue a public statement in order to provide clarity regarding the role of the mosque, reassure members regards refunds and put out an appeal for calm.

The Muslim Entrepreneur Network (MEN) independently approached the management of Al-Madina Mosque Barking in December 2017 to obtain office space within the community building located at 2 Victoria Road, Barking IG11 8PY for the purpose of running the Leverage Programme and other related business projects. After deliberation, the mosque management agreed to lease the premises to MEN with the explicit agreement that all business operations will be kept completely independent of the mosque and that the relationship between the mosque and MEN / Leverage will be strictly understood by both parties as one of a landlord and tenant.

In keeping with this agreement, the mosque management has to date, never interfered in the running of any MEN business operation including the Leverage Programme and/or affiliated business projects. The mosque has no stake in, or involvement with, MEN / Leverage operations and has never benefited in anyway except for monthly rental for the space leased to MEN / Leverage as the landlord.

We are aware that some individuals requesting refunds have been actively pursuing an approach that unfairly brings into question the role of the mosque for no other reason but to pressure the MEN / Leverage management to work around these individuals’ demands. We wish to make it absolutely clear that by doing so, individuals wishing to obtain a refund in this way will be no more likely to receive a refund as Leverage members who have not chosen this course of action.

We would also like to make it equally clear that MEN / Leverage has been asked by the mosque management to vacate the premises which we have agreed to as of immediate effect.

In relation to refunds, the MEN / Leverage management is committed to issuing all refunds to members who have requested so. Due to operational complications beyond our control, refunds have taken longer than both members and management would have liked, but we would like to reassure members that we are doing our level best to ensure all members who are owed a refund receive their entitlement at the earliest possible opportunity. Refunds have previously been paid in a timely fashion which evidences our commitment to ensuring members who request refunds are facilitated in the shortest time possible.

We urge Leverage members to remain calm and allow the management team to work through the issues we’re currently facing, in order to ensure every member who has requested a refund receives their refund as a matter of urgency. We will ensure to keep you updated with developments as and when required and thank you for your extended patience and support.

For queries or questions please feel free to contact:

Rocky Mirza and Haroon Qureshi

In our next article, Muslim Reviews will present evidence that may put doubt to the claims made in their statement, as well as ask questions about the role of Ashfaq Siddique within MEN, especially how he used his privileged position as Secretary of Al Madina Mosque to promote the various business interests of MEN.

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  • AMuslim
    2 years ago

    This matter needs to be bought to the attention of the police/serious fraud office as these charlatans have/are running a Ponzi scheme!

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