Rocky Rafaqat Mirza has been featured in London Newspapers

“Rocky” Rafaqat Mirza who was pitching his “Leverage idea to Muslims around the globe has been featured in the London press along with his colleagues, Ashfaque Siddiqui of Madinah Mosque Barking and Haroon Qureshi of Launchdroid.

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“A global “investment” scheme that targeted the Muslim community over two years has left some people claiming to be thousands of pounds out of pocket.”

“”Early on the organisation partnered with two Canadian venture capitalists described as millionaires, Rafaqat “Rocky” Mirza and Aziz “Com” Mirza.

With their encouragement, from January 2017 members were encouraged to join what was described in video marketing materials as an “investment” scheme, the Leverage Program, which failed to deliver on several promises and saw millions of pounds transferred to a nexus of other companies across the globe.”

“Early on the co-founders partnered with “Com” Mirza, who describes himself online as a “serial entrepreneur, investor, mentor, philanthropist and dream chaser”.

The Canadian national introduced them to his brother “Rocky” Mirza, a 46-year-old from Ilford, who was presented as a “mathematical genius” and the “Steve Jobs of the Muslim world”.

On January 7, 2017, Mr Qureshi said on social media he was working with Rocky Mirza on a new project on behalf of MEN – the Leverage Program.

In various pitches seen by this newspaper Muslims were urged to pay £5,000 in return for “a profitable business” within 12 months and “financial freedom””

“This newspaper has seen evidence indicating that the bulk of cash invested in Empty Trip was moved into accounts associated with MEN and Leverage between April 2018 and October 2018, leaving just £7,499 in the Empty Trip account by October 30.

Ali Amin, a 40-year-old investor from Bedfordshire, said it was Harun Rashid’s initial passion for the app that convinced him to put in £33,120.

He said: “Because of Leverage and all those people working on it, I thought it was going to be successful.”

The current director of Empty Trip is Rocky Mirza’s nephew Azim Nawaz Shah, and his wife Amandeep Aujla holds 95 per cent of the shares.

Rocky Mirza said he did not know what paperwork accompanied the sale of “franchises” but said internal investigations had since been carried out into the running of Empty Trip.”

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